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Warehousing & fulfillment illustration

Warehousing & Fulfillment

All projects are different. Some large projects require floor space, experience, manpower or technology to be successful. Then again, some require all of the above.​ We've developed the space, systems and experience to remove the biggest hurdles in your challenging projects. Whether it is web store fulfillment, warehousing, kitting, or shipping to many recipients, we have the solutions to make your project or program a success.

Spectrum provides solutions for:

  • Employee uniform distribution

  • Marketing materials distribution

  • Event order processing & product delivery

  • Warehousing & Storage

  • Volume purchasing, warehousing and timed distribution

  • Web store order fulfillment

We provide the following benefits:

  • Direct integration with USPS, UPS & FedEx

  • Order collection via webstores, pick, pack and ship

  • Centrally located U.S. distribution point

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