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Graphic design illustration

Graphic Design

We have an incredibly talented design staff. Whether it's designing t-shirts be sold in a retail store or developing the drawings for a completely custom promotional product - we've done it. In fact, you may have even seen or purchased some of our designs in retail or gift stores around the country. We have an incredibly deep library of designs some of which are shown in our Design Galleries. Please feel free take a look at the designs in the galleries and let us know what you are looking to accomplish.


In many of our best client relationships we act as a brand steward for our customers. We understand our client's brand standards and are loyal to them as we develop designs and products for them. 

Spectrum has the ability to:

  • Design for retail apparel sales

  • Develop custom products

  • Design for water based printing

  • Convert raster files to vector for production

  • Modify designs from our existing design library

  • Safeguard new identity graphics while developing products for a new logo reveal

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